Please find my academic publications, with links, below.

Journal articles:                  

Du Rietz, S. (2019). En cirkulär ekonomi: företagsekonomiskt tänkande bortom den linjära värdekedjan. Organisation & Samhälle.

Borglund, T., Prenkert, F., Frostenson, M., Helin, S. & Du Rietz, S. (2019). External facilitators as ‘legitimizers’ in designing a master’s program in sustainable business at a Swedish business school –A typology of industry collaborator roles in RME. The International Journal of Management Education, 17(3).

Du Rietz, S. (2018). Information vs knowledge: Corporate accountability in environmental, social, and governance issuesAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 31(2), 586-607.

Du Rietz, S. (2014). When accounts become information: a study of investors’ ESG analysis practice. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 30(4), 395-408.

Book chapters:                    

Du Rietz, S. (2016). Responsible Investment in Sweden. In T. Hebb, J. P. Hawley, A. G. F. Hoepner, A. Neher & D. Wood (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Responsible investment (pp. 336-344 ). London: Routledge.

Du Rietz, S. (2015). Valuation devices orientation to each other: Imitation and differentiation among devices valuing companies social and environmental performance. In M. Kornberger, L. Justesen, J. Mouritsen & A. Koed Madsen (Eds.), Making things valuable (pp. 148-166). Oxford University Press.

Du Rietz, S. (2015). Sweden: CSR as non-union arena for union issues. In M. Gold, L. Preuss & C. Rees (Eds.), Corporate Social Responsibility and Trade Unions Perspectives across Europe (pp. 169-184). London: Routledge.

PhD thesis:                         

Du Rietz, S. (2013). Accounting in the field of governance. Stockholm University School of Business.