Research seminars


August 26th “Consumer behavior as a challenge and opportunity for 
circular food packaging​: A systematic literature review” together with Anna Kremel at Nordic Academy of Management (NFF).


July “Accounting for GDP – epistemic strategies when calculating the quarterly national accounts” presented at Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting conference at University of Innsbruck (digital event).

April 15-16th “(Un)intended signals: A study of trust and control interaction during change” together with Grete Helle and Katarina Kaarbøe, MASOP workshop at ESCP Business School, France (digital event).

March 17th “Social media and  accountability: Handling the COVID-19 crisis in non-profit care homes” together with Galina Goncharenko, Katarina Kaarbøe and Niklas Wällstedt at the NGO research day at University of Sussex (digital event).


November 19th “The behavioral aspect of a circular economy: how values influence adolescences’ participation in a deposit-refund system” together with Anna Kremel presented at a workshop on sustainable consumption organized by the sociology department at Örebro University.

November 13th “Calculating the quarterly GDP: A study of epistemic strategies when representing an inaccessible reality” presented at QMARG workshop.

October 9th Personal accounting within a circular economy” together with Anna Kremel, Evelina Loftén and Ida Wallöe Åhlander presented at Örebro University School of Business research seminar.


May 6th at 11.45- 13h “Circular business practices- a Vinnova research project” together with Maira Babri and Per Carlborg, presentation at the lunch research seminar of the Environmental Sociology department at Örebro University.

March 13th 10.30-12h, University of Sussex research seminar, presenting paper: “In-between inscriptions and simulacra. Accounting numbers’ relationship to reality: the case of sustainability accounting and ESG analysts”