Learn about sustainability control

To learn about sustainability control there are a number of blog posts here but also articles in the media and academic articles and book chapters that I have written.

Generally about sustainability control

Blog post Can sustainability reports regulate companies’ conduct?

Almedalen Swedish Politics week about the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and future need for sustainability competence in organizations. It’s available to watch here or report here.

Debate article in Norwegian daily Bergens Tidende, proposing two indicators of sustainability in the fashion industry and arguing that, using these indicators, the fashion chains are very far from sustainable:  http://www.bt.no/btmeninger/debatt/Slutt-a-handle-hos-storkjedene-335211b.html

Financial sector

I was interviewed about how to identify a sustainable investment in no 2-2020 of Norwegian magazine Dine Penger.

But have also published in academic journals and books about the subject:

Du Rietz, S. (2018). Information vs knowledge: Corporate accountability in environmental, social, and governance issues. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 31(2), 586-607.

Du Rietz, S. (2014). When accounts become information: a study of investors’ ESG analysis practice. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 30(4), 395-408.

Du Rietz, S. (2016). Responsible Investment in Sweden. In T. Hebb, J. P. Hawley, A. G. F. Hoepner, A. Neher & D. Wood (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Responsible investment (pp. 336-344 ). London: Routledge.

Du Rietz, S. (2015). Valuation devices orientation to each other: Imitation and differentiation among devices valuing companies social and environmental performance. In M. Kornberger, L. Justesen, J. Mouritsen & A. Koed Madsen (Eds.), Making things valuable (pp. 148-166). Oxford University Press.