Learn about circular economy

In Swedish in Organisation & Samhälle about the underlying assumptions of a circular economy “En cirkulär ekonomi – företags­ekonomiskt tänkande bortom den linjära värdekedjan”

Discussing circular economy on Swedish tv and a panel on UN Sustainable Development Goal 12, sustainable production and consumption, at Södertörn Högskola, recorded by UR Samtiden and available to watch here (in Swedish).

Commented on H&M’s circular business strategy and new textile recycling machine in an episode of Swedish Radio Klotet i P1, listen at 33.26:  https://sverigesradio.se/avsnitt/1612440

Over the years, I have also blogged about circular economy:

The Swedish government’s ambition to promote circularity

The case with H&M I taught at NHH: The link between circular economy & sustainability- a case with H&M and Steering businesses towards a circular economy

Pitfall or issues with a circular economy: Is more recycling the answer? and Three myths about the circular economy. The latter blog post can also be read in Norwegian on NITO’s web page .